Free rooftop concerts during voetbalfestivaldefootball

Free rooftop concerts during voetbalfestivaldefootball

From 13 June until 15 July in Beursschouwburg. All together to the final!

Gedurende het wereldkampioenschap voetbal laat Beursschouwburg uiteenlopende voetbalgezichten zien: we screenen matchen vol voetbalesthetische waarde, tonen voetbalfilms en een Qatar-kritische voetbalperformance. Voor het concertluik geven we het podium aan Belgische en internationale klanken.

GQOM OH!: Nan Kolè (IT) + Griffit Vigo (SA) + Dr Kwest AKA 808 Bantou (BE) + Rebel Up! DJs (BE) 
Friday 15.06 22:00
Gqom night on our roof terrace! This South African club music is a sultry mix of hip-hop and house, perhaps more house than hip-hop.

Essaie pas (CA) + Maoupa Mazzocchetti (BE) + Rick Shiver (DJ set) (BE)
Saturday 16.06 22:00
If synthpop were to marry techno..

Born in Flamez (DE) + Mika Oki (BE) (dj set) + Otis (BE) (dj set)
Friday 22.06 22:00
An evening filled with fluid frontiers, with outings into grime, industrial pop and ambient.

Bed Rugs (BE) + Rrita Jashari (BE) & Islas (BE) (dj set) 
Saturday 23.06 22:00
Dreamy psychedelic and meets global sounds.

coline (BE) dj set
Thursday 28.06 21:30
A Brussels-based DJ and illustrator mixing post-punk with samba. Afro-Colombian beats with house, colour with feelings.

Ampersand presents: dirk. (BE)  + Fornet (BE) + Shht (BE)
Friday 29.06 22:00 
Contrary rhythms, postpunk, Kraut rock and weirdness.

Neufchâtel (BE) + OTON (BE) + Lemmy (dj set) (UK)
Saturday 30.06 22:00
We are celebrating with a wild portion of noise rock.

Rare Akuma (BE) feat. hrmns. & KEBBI + LUVGANG (BE) (dj set) 
Friday 06.07 22:00
Brakka, brakka! New kid on the block Rare Akuma brings biting wraps and bold basses.

Giant Swan (UK) + Simon Halsberghe (BE) + DJ Athome (BE)
Saturday 07.07 22:00
Techno-not-techno on the edge of a dance pass.

Palmbomen II (NL) + Nosedrip (BE) (dj set)
Friday 14.07 22:00
There is nothing better than a layer of nostalgic, melancholy comfort electronics for helping forget any possible football failures.

Bushra (BE) dj set
Saturday 15.07 20:00
Bushra’s African roots meet electro wave music. Football a party? Indeed it is.

voetbalfestivaldefootball from 13 June until 15 July
rooftop bar & terrace open from 12:00
free entry
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