Beursschouwburg shows many faces of football during the World Cup.

Concerts by Belgian and international heroes. Football films. Handpicked matches. A football performance. All together, down to the final! 

During the World Cup, Beursschouwburg wants to show many faces of football, so we are complementing our film, stage and concert programmes with curated football gems. We are screening historic, courageous confrontations, showing matches full of aesthetic value and – of course – let you a witness all the Belgian escapades.

For the film segment, in collaboration with Offscreen, we dive into the annals of football, from emotional headers to women being thrown out of a football stadium. For the concert section, we lend our stage to Belgian and international sounds. And we are presenting a Qatar-critical football performance.

During voetbalfestivaldefootball, our rooftop terrace will be a safe football temple for people with friends who like football.

13 June - 15 July

rooftop bar & terrace open from 12:00
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Friday 15.06 22:00
Gqom night on our roof terrace! This South African club music is a sultry mix of hip-hop and house, perhaps more house than hip-hop.

Saturday 16.06 22:00
If synthpop were to marry techno...

BORN IN FLAMEZ (DE) + MIKA OKI (BE) (dj set) + OTIS (BE) (dj set)
Friday 22.06 22:00
An evening filled with fluid frontiers, with outings into grime, industrial pop and ambient.

Saturday 23.06 22:00
Dreamy psychedelic and meets global sounds.

COLINE (BE) (dj set)
Thursday 28.06 21:30
A Brussels-based DJ and illustrator mixing post-punk with samba. Afro-Colombian beats with house, colour with feelings.

Friday 29.06 22:00 
Contrary rhythms, postpunk, Kraut rock and weirdness.

Saturday 30.06 22:00
We are celebrating with a wild portion of noise rock.

Friday 06.07 22:00
Brakka, brakka! New kid on the block Rare Akuma brings biting wraps and bold basses.

Saturday 07.07 22:00
Techno-not-techno on the edge of a dance pass.

Friday 14.07 22:00
There is nothing better than a layer of nostalgic, melancholy comfort electronics for helping forget any possible football failures.

BUSHRA (BE) (dj set)
Saturday 15.07 20:00
Bushra’s African roots meet electro wave music. Football a party? Indeed it is.


MERCENARY (Belgian avant-première) - Friday 29.06 20:30
Ahilan Ratnamohan (AU/BE)

The World Cup in Russia is hardly over and we are already looking ahead to the contentious World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 

In 2022, Qatar will be hosting one of the biggest spectacles in the world: the FIFA World Cup. The fact that the organization of this football circus is in the hands of Qatar is making many a tongue wag. Together with the enormous stadiums in sandy settings, there are stories about mass exploitation of underpaid labourers, generally with migrant backgrounds.

Performance artist and footballer Ahilan Ratnamohan travelled to Qatar, Nepal and Sri Lanka, where he stood eye to eye with the realities required to build this World Cup dream. With the help of interviews with the workers, he looks behind the scenes of the picture that the Western media is holding up to us. He looked directly into the lives of those who have been doing the hard fieldwork. He discovered that – like in the beautiful game of football itself – reality often deceives us. 

Mercenary is a collaboration between Sri Lankan-Australian artist Ahilan Ratnamohan and Mutamassik, an Egyptian-Italian-American musician. Ratnamohan once came to Europe to expand his career as a professional footballer (a career that never took off). He set out on another path and now operates from Antwerp as a theatre maker and the founder of the Star Boys Collective. In Mercenary, we see Ratnamohan’s characteristic football dance vocabulary, on this occasion complemented with Mutamassik’s punk jaw and pan-African electronica. 

Reservations: info@beursschouwburg.be

open air cinema

NAZIDANIE - Wednesday 13.06 22:30
Boris Yukhananov & Aleksandr Shein, Russia, 2017, 148’
What an historic headshot tells us about the functioning of mankind.

THE DAMNED UNITED - Thursday 14.06 22:30
Tom Hooper, UK, 2009, 98’
The story of the brilliant, but controversial football trainer, Brian Clough.

OFFSIDE - Wednesday 20.06 22:30
Jafar Panahi, Iran, 2006, 93’
On Iranian women’s struggle for equal rights. Football, a party for everyone?

THE FIRM - Thursday 21.06 22:30
Alan Clarke, UK, 1989, 68’
A look into the infamous confrontations of British football vandalism.

INFINITE FOOTBALL - Wednesday 27.06 22:30
Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania, 2018, 70’
Utopian musings about reinventing the rules of football.

COUP DE TÊTE - Monday 02.07 22:30
Jean-Jacques Annaud, France, 1979, 89’
An amusing satire about heroes and antiheroes in a local football competition.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM - Tuesday 03.07 22:30
Gurinder Chatha, UK/Germany/USA, 2002, 112’
A girl with passion and talent is held back by her traditional Sikh parents.

SHAOLIN SOCCER - Tuesday 10.07 22:30
Stephen Chow, Hong Kong / China, 2001, 113’
A group of Shaolin Monks combines martial arts and football into an explosive whole.

open air screening World Cup football

RUSSIA - SAUDI ARABIA - Thursday 14.06 17:00
MOROCCO - IRAN - Friday 15.06 17:00
PORTUGAL - SPAIN - Friday 15.06 20:00
FRANCE - AUSTRALIA - Saturday 16.06 12:00
ARGENTINA - ICELAND - Saturday 16.06 15:00
BELGIUM - PANAMA - Monday 18.06 17:00
TUNISIA - ENGLAND - Monday 18.06 20:00
IRAN - SPAIN - Wednesday 20.06 20:00
FRANCE - PERU - Thursday 21.06 17:00
ARGENTINA - CROATIA - Thursday 21.06 20:00
BRAZIL - COSTA RICA - Friday 22.06 14:00
BELGIUM - TUNISIA - Saturday 23.06 14:00
GERMANY - SWEDEN - Saturday 23.06 20:00
SPAIN - MOROCCO - Monday 25.06 20:00
KOREA REPUBLIC - GERMANY - Wednesday 27.06 16:00
SERBIA - BRAZIL - Wednesday 27.06 20:00
ENGLAND - BELGIUM - Thursday 28.06 20:00
ROUND OF 16 - Saturday 30.06 16:00
ROUND OF 16 - Saturday 30.06 20:00
ROUND OF 16 - Monday 02.07 16:00
ROUND OF 16 - Monday 02.07 20:00
ROUND OF 16 - Tuesday 03.07 16:00
ROUND OF 16 - Tuesday 03.07 20:00
QUARTER - FINAL - Friday 06.07 16:00
QUARTER - FINAL - Friday 06.07 20:00
QUARTER - FINAL - Saturday 07.07 16:00
QUARTER - FINAL - Saturday 07.07 20:00
SEMI - FINAL - Tuesday 10.07 20:00
SEMI - FINAL - Wednesday 11.07 20:00
PLAY - OFF FOR 3RD PLACE - Saturday 14.07 16:00
FINAL - Sunday 15.07 17:00

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