Upcoming concerts & nightlife in spring 2018

Upcoming concerts & nightlife in spring 2018

Lorenzo Senni, Nathy Peluso, Antwood, WWWater, Promnite, Lust for Youth, KRAAK festival, Wiley, Juicy, No Age, Mhysa, Rozzma, MUGWUMP and NAH.

image: Lorenzo Senni, 18.01 @Beursschouwburg

Beursschouwburg and music promotor Gilke Vanuytsel are happy to present you the upcoming spring concerts and nightife. But please keep an eye on our calendar, as we'll be announcing more events in the course of the coming weeks and months. 

Thu 18.01 - Lorenzo Senni (IT) + Torus (NL) 
concert - more info - w/ Subbacultcha

Back to the future with Lorenzo 'Pointillistic Trance' Senni and Torus' trance.

Fri 19.01 - Nathy Peluso (ES) + Blu Samu (BE)
concert - more info w/ AB

This rapster brings skimmed-off beats with razor-sharp edges.

Wed 24.01 - PIAS Nites ft. Nilüfer Yanya (UK), Daniel Blumberg (UK), Blu Samu (BE), Nathalie Prass (US)
concert - more info

Thu 25.01 - Antwood (US)
concert - more info

Bizarre cyborg pop featuring a fragile sadness. 

Sat 3.02 - WWWater (BE) + YUSUF (BE)
concert - more info

Utterly charming minimal-electro.

Thu 8.02 - Promnite (US) + BEATSFORBEACHES (BE)
concert - more info w/ AB

Futuristic hip-hop, R&B, trap and next-level electronics.

Sat 10.02 - Lust for Youth (DK)
concert - more info

Danish dark synth pop.

Fri 16.02 - Nixie's ft. Piotr Kurek (PL), Orphan Fairytale (BE), Mick et son orgue électronique (BE), DJ Nixie (BE)
concert + nightlife - free

Sat 17.02 - FRONTAL ft. mélangé, NAG & LEFTO, vega & proceed, Illsyll 
nightlife - more info

Fri 2, Sat 3 & Sun 4.03 - KRAAK festival ft. Liz Durette (US)Jung An Tagen (AT)SEF III (US)Lemones (BE)Ka Baird (US)Red Brut (NL)Peter Zummo (US)David Edren (BE)Leila, Bordreuil (FR)Pinkie Bowtie (BE/NL) + tba
concerts - more info

Thu 22.03 - Wiley (UK)
concert - more info

A.k.a. Eski Boy, pioneer of grime, introduces his new and perhaps his last album.

Fri 23.03 - JUICY (BE) ep-release  
concert - free - more info

The most dynamic R&B cover band is presenting their first long-awaited hip-hop ep!  

Sat 24.03 - No Age (US) 
concert - more info

Post-punk indie-pop, electronic punkfunk, krautey cold wave. Their new album 'Snares Like A Haircut' is out January 26th.

Fri 30.03 - Mhysa (US)
concert - more info /w Listen Festival

A queer black diva and underground popstar for the cyber resistance.

Sat 31.03 - Rozzma (EG) + The Mauskovic Dance Band (NL)
concert - more info w/ Listen Festival

A mix of bass music and Bedouin influences, with a touch of psychedelica.

Sat 14.04 - MUGWUMP (BE) ep-release 
concert - free - more info

Post-punk indie-pop, electronic punkfunk, krautey cold wave. 

Thu 19.04 - NAH (US) + STAKATTAK (BE)
concert - more info

Explosive energy with thoughtful melodiousness that’s deeper than just punk hip-hop. 

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