Upcoming concerts & nightlife in Beursschouwburg

Upcoming concerts & nightlife in Beursschouwburg

Ft. WWWater, Promnite, BRUNA, Lust for Youth, KRAAK festival, Wiley, Juicy, No Age, Mhysa, Rozzma, MUGWUMP, NAH and more.

Image: Mhysa (US) - 30.03 w/ Listen Festival 

Fri 2.02 - COLOUR BLOCK PARTY screening Italo Disco Legacy + Kong vs Sixsixsixties 
nightlife - more info - free

Sat 3.02 - WWWater (BE) + YUSUF (BE)
concert - more info

Utterly charming minimal-electro.

Thu 8.02 - Promnite (US) + BEATSFORBEACHES (BE)
concert - more info w/ AB

Futuristic hip-hop, R&B, trap and next-level electronics.

Sat 10.02 - Lust for Youth (DK)
concert - more info

Danish dark synth pop.

Thu. 15.02 - BRUNA (BE)
concert - more info - free

Pop music that isn't pop. Discover an intimate world of broken, somewhat dark, slightly naive songs.

Fri 16.02 - Nixie's ft. Piotr Kurek (PL), Orphan Fairytale (BE), Mick et son orgue électronique (BE), DJ Nixie (BE)
concert + nightlife - free entrance

Sat 17.02 - FRONTAL PRESENTS, Nag & Lefto, MLNG, IllSyll, DJ Proceed, Vega 
nightlife - more info

The most vibrant Brussels-based hiphop label is ready to take over the world. Freestyles, special guests, raps and sharp mixes.


Fri 2, Sat 3 & Sun 4.03 - KRAAK festival ft. Liz Durette (US)Jung An Tagen (AT)SEF III (US)Lemones (BE)Ka Baird (US)Red Brut (NL)Peter Zummo (US)David Edren (BE)Leila, Bordreuil (FR)Pinkie Bowtie (BE/NL) + tba
concerts - more info

Sat 10.03 - High Needs Low: Nene H, Luz, Soumaya Phéline, Handless, Davon 
nightlife - more info

Some basses. Some high pitches. Some needs.

Thu 15.03 - The Garden (US)
concert - more info

West Coast neo-punk twins, moonlighting models and provocateurs.

Sat 17.03 - HEARTBROKEN 3Y BIRTHDAY: Asmara (US) + Manara (UK) + Kablam (SE) + Clara (ES/BE)

A very emotional night happening every two months in Brussels

Thu 22.03 - Wiley (UK)
concert - more info

A.k.a. Eski Boy, pioneer of grime, introduces his new and perhaps his last album.

Fri 23.03 - JUICY (BE) ep-release  
concert  - more info

The most dynamic R&B cover band is presenting their first long-awaited hip-hop ep!  

Sat 24.03 - No Age (US) 
concert - more info

Post-punk indie-pop, electronic punkfunk, krautey cold wave. Their new album 'Snares Like A Haircut' is out January 26th.

Thu 29.03 - Tangram Records Showcase: Susobrino (BE) + Moodprint (BE) + Vorace (FR) 
concert - w/Listen Festival

Showcase of the independent bass-oriented record label.

Fri 30.03 - Mhysa (US)
concert - more info /w Listen Festival

A queer black diva and underground popstar for the cyber resistance.

Sat 31.03 - Rozzma (EG) + The Mauskovic Dance Band (NL)
concert - more info w/ Listen Festival

A mix of bass music and Bedouin influences, with a touch of psychedelica.

Sat 14.04 - MUGWUMP (BE) LP-release 
concert - free - more info

Post-punk indie-pop, electronic punkfunk, krautey cold wave. 

Thu 19.04 - NAH (US) + STAKATTAK (BE)
concert - more info

Explosive energy with thoughtful melodiousness that’s deeper than just punk hip-hop. 

Sat 21.04 - Emporio Darmani II 

Youth house DAR takes control.

Sat 28.04 - LowUp 10Y

The collective of bass addicts throws a boombastic anniversary bash. 

19.05 - Big Freedia (US)

Twerk, wiggle and shake your way to self-confidence with the queen of bounce.

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