TroyBoi, Slow Magic, Zola Jesus, Joyce Wrice and many more


Fri 15.09 BLANK BANSHEE (CA) tickets
Vaporwave! Subversive dream music for the post-Internet age.

We 20.09 SLOW MAGIC tickets
It’s cosmic electronic music culled from the ether, yet crafted with human hands.

Fr 22.09 GOLIN (US-JP-BE) free
EP-release from our brandnew asociated artist fka RIN, one of the most exciting additions to Brussels’ electronic music scene.

Sa 14.10 TROYBOI (US) tickets
The better trap music.

Fr 20.10 - Sat 21.10 Two Days Of Indigenous Electronics by ZOË MCPHERSON (UK) tickets
Electronic music producer Zoë Mc Pherson (Empty Taxi) throws a mini-festival in the framework of The Future Is Feminist.

Sa 28.10 Live Waves II ft. THE HORRORIST (US) + ONO SCREAM (BE) tickets
The hottest live act in the wave/techno/EBM scene from New-York and the new postpunk/shoegaze project of Bart Willems (Apparaat).

Fr 17.11 BRNS (BE) tickets
With a revised line-up and a revitalised sound, this Brussels based math rockband is back with their first new music in almost 2 years.

Mo 27.11 ZOLA JESUS (US) tickets
A cocktail of new wave, electro and other synths.

Tu 28.11 JOYCE WRICE (US) + UNOS (BE) tickets
Only 24 years old and already an R&B-heroine!


Sat 02.12 HONG KONG DONG @ Les Ateliers Claus tickets
It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s trashy, it’s nightmarish and it’s fun. New album coming out on Oct 6th!



Fr 29.09 The Future is Feminist Opening Party curated by High Needs Low
☞ Stellar OM Source (Live) ☞ Elena Colombi ☞ Violet ☞ Soumaya Phéline

Sa 30.09 Mentality
☞ Felix K ☞ Dominic Ridgway ☞ Turrican ☞ Corrupted ☞ Mental Forces

Fr 13.10 Heartbroken invites PDA 
☞ Jay Boogie (US) ☞ Larry B (UK) ☞ Mischa Mafia & Crackstevens (UK) ☞ Liyo, Steff & Nevrland (BE)

Sa 18.11 Lowup

Sa 09.12 Heartbroken

Sa 16.12 Leftorium

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Laura Smolders Press & PR until 31.10.17, Beursschouwburg
Laura Smolders Press & PR until 31.10.17, Beursschouwburg
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Beursschouwburg is an arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels, that embraces a hybrid and multidisciplinary identity. It’s the perfect place for performance, film, music, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink at beurscafé. 

Beursschouwburg provides a platform for young and innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the big names of tomorrow. Young talent, cross-fertilization and an opportunity to experiment are pivotal in the diverse programme which seamlessly coalesces with the generation 2.0.

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