We Love You

Beursschouwburg's autumn programme with a.o. Paul B. Preciado, Florentina Holzinger, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Britt Hatzius, Jeremy Wade, black midi, Look Mum No Computer & FAKA.

Autumn 2019 is all about love here at Beursschouwburg. We’ll be counting the ways love can hold significance in an individualistic, polarised, mediatised, competitive, post-colonial and climate-apocalyptic era.

What is there to observe beyond all the romantic clichés? A host of non-normative new forms of living together and relationships based on kinship rooted in deep care and concern, a mutual willingness to listen and empathy for others. Discussions about love lead us indirectly to questions of power. How do we understand love in relation to dominance, to a patriarchal system? How can love support, emancipate and empower people? What does love mean for a community of like minds, beyond the boundaries of the conventional couple? Can we evolve towards a community of love, averse to individualistic interpretations of love? What are some different possible conceptions of love? In how many different ways can we give and receive love? When does love go beyond the binary? Which forms can it take beyond the oh-so-ingrained couple model? In our amorous programme we’ll attempt to cover all these diverse perspectives and more. Beyond the romantic and the self.

WE LOVE YOU a multidisciplinary programme on love beyond the romantic & the self
sep oct nov dec 2019

With a.o. music from black midi, FAKA, Matias Aguayo, Look Mum No Computer & Combo Chimbita ; performance from Florentina, Holzinger, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Alma Söderberg, Britt Hatzius & Jeremy Wade; films from Ben De Raes, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Alexis De Stoop & Herman Asselberghs; talks with Paul B. Preciado, Sarah Chander & Grace Ndiritu and expo from Luís Lázaro Matos & Alison Yip.

Find out more about the opening weekend on September 20 - 22.

Check out the complete programme on beursschouwburg.be

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Beursschouwburg is a multidisciplinary center for arts and reflection, an open meeting place strongly anchored in Brussels’ reality. Here we embrace the local, the global and the glocal. 

Beursschouwburg functions as a platform to present and develop a wide array of art practices and research, as a  support and experimentation network for artists, collectives and thinkers; a hub that questions normativity and welcomes new narratives.

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