Surprise! Robbing Millions is joining us on Friday.

Surprise! Robbing Millions is joining us on Friday.

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We’re excited to welcome Robbing Millions to our stage with a powerful indie-psychedelica that integrates pop, rock and jazz influences in one eminently danceable sound.

Five years ago the band, led by Lucien Fraipont, raised expectations with their two EPs and in 2016 they met those expectations with their fantastic debut album. Could that maybe, possibly mean that we might hear some fresh new tracks? We’ll just have to see. In May the group toured throughout Europe, playing support for Drugdealer, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re all warmed up for one hell of a rooftop gig in their hometown.

5 - 29 JUNE 2019

Concerts, dj sets & sunsets, high up on Beursschouwburg's rooftop - All FREE, including the view of Brussels.

FRIDAY 07.06
16:00 rooftop bar open - playlist by BRUZZ
22:00 Scott Gilmore
23:00 Robbing Millions
00:00 Hiele (> 03:00)

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