Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / CAMPO - Don't we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / CAMPO - Don't we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?

Premiere: 31.03 & 1.04 @Beursschouwburg

As part of the focus programme O Solitude (Beursschouwburg) and in collaboration with Performatik 2017 (Kaaitheater).

Who says we don’t want to be inspired?

How do you deal with the universal human desire to be part of a larger whole? In their third performance, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert look for meaning in a world with no Grand Narrative, in their very own way: with references to space travel and science, in a strong visual logic.

Whereas in the past Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert were still the operators who set the transformations of the images and scenes in motion, in Don’t we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning? they examine how they themselves can for the first time become part of their installations and designs. The artists divide and duplicate themselves as atoms in an imaginary world of primary colours that stands out sharply against the pure white landscape they find themselves in.

EN spoken

By & with Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert I coaching Pol Heyvaert I sound design Boris Zeebroek I movement coach Charlotte Vanden Eynde I voice over Jonathan Beaton I thanks to Arne Wastyn I production CAMPO I co-production Beursschouwburg Brussels (BE), PACT Zollverein Essen (DE) & Auawirleben Bern (CH)

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Feiko Beckers
A disappointment you can rely on*
Sa. 25.03 & Sa. 1.04, 17:00 - performance - more info

Ant Hampton / The Other People
Someone Else*
Fr. 31.03 & Sa 1.04; 12:00 - 22:00 (new session each 30') - autoteatro - more info

Berlin (BE)
ZVIZDAL - Holocene [#6] 
[Chernobyl - so far so close]

Fr. 7 & Sa. 8.04, 20:30 - video/performance - more info

* As part of PERFORMATIK 2017 (Kaaitheater)


B-Swap, an Artistic Identity Swap between Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines

Jan Martens & Lukas Dhont -
We. 19.04 & Sa. 22.04 - dance 

Meytal Blanau 

We. 19.04 & Sa. 22.04 - dance   

Leslie Mannès
Atomic 3001

We. 19.04 & Sa. 22.04 - dance 

Louis Vanhaverbeke
FR. 21.04 - performance

Edurne Rubio
Light Years Away 
Fr. 21.04 - performance / film 

Fré Werbrouck / Cie D’ici P
Phasmes, Variations sur l’immobile   

SA. 22.04 - dance

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