Program Out Loud 2015!

Program Out Loud 2015!

3 through 28 June 2015 - apéro - screenings - concerts - DJ's high up Beursschouwburg's rooftop terrace

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 — Beursschouwburg is celebrating the end of a packed cultural season with Out Loud!. For a whole month, we are inviting everyone onto the roof terrace with its adjacent bar and silver room. In the evening we will be screening films and dancing to live music. In the afternoon we open our doors for lunch with a picnic.

The upcomping edition of Out Loud! doubles as the grand finale of the celebration of Beursschouwburg 50th anniversary. From Febraury onwards all activities in and by Beursschouwburg were dedicated to this 'golden jubilee'. The two last days, June 27 & 28, of this year's Out Loud! are titel: "50 = Over & Out". Expect in- & outdoor concerts, a vinylmarket, a car free street in front of Beursschouwburg and an old school Beursschouwburg vibe. 

De rest van de maand juni is Out Loud! zoals vanouds: muziekfilms, concerten, apéromomenten, en picnics op het dakterras en in de overdekte Zilveren Zaal. Met dit jaar een nieuwe categorie: "Out Loud! Extra", een randprogramma, als het ware. 

The rest of the month is Out Loud! as usual: screenings, concerts, apéro-time and picnics at Beursschouwburg's rooftop terrace and 'Zilveren Zaal'. With a new categorie: Out Loud! Extra, featuring a garage sale, lectures and presentations. 


On Wednesday and Thursday evenings (from 22:30) the rooftop terrace is transformed into an open-air cinema. With eight music documentaries, full-length films and concert recordings we’re plunging into the eighties

We welcome bodybuilding, monokini & aerobics, MTV, video cassettes, home computers, compact discs, hiphop, rap, scratch, breakdance & graffiti, afrobeat, postpunk & gothic rock, new wave, synthpop and the Brittish new romantic scene. And welcome you, spectator, for a splendid night!

  • We 3.06, 22:30 - WILD STYLE, Charlie Ahearn (US, 1983, 83’). The best 'old school 'hip hop film ever made. 
  • Th 4.06, 22:30 - FELA KUTI: MUSIC IS THE WEAPON, Stéphane Tchalgadjieff & Jean Jacques Flori (FR, 1982, 53’). On Fela, the "black president" and father of the Afrobeat.
  • We 10.06, 22:30 - THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART I, Penelope Spheeris (US, 1981, 100’). A unique inside view on the hardcore punk scène in the early '80 in Los Angeles. 
  • Th 11.06, 22:30 - THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART II: THE METAL YEARS, Penelope Spheeris (US, 1988, 93’). A hedonistic freakshow on the heavy metal subculture. 
  • Wo 17.06, 22:30 BRAND NEW DAY, Amos Gitai  (FR/UK, 1988, 93’). Fantastic documentairy onthe tour of Eurythmics through Japan.
  • Do 18.06, 22:30 - STOP MAKING SENSE, Jonathan Demme (US, 1984, 88’). A concertmovie on Talking Heads, balancing between a concert and an artistic performance.
  • Wo 24.06, 22:30 - ROCK & RULE, Clive A. Smith (CA, 1978, 77’). An 'old school' animated film spiced with '80 punk and new wave cheesiness. 
  • Do 25.06 - 22:30 - XANADU, Robert Greenwald (US, 1980, 96’). Pure glitter disco RollerMadness!



This year, we’re also inviting other companies and musical relatives to let their creativity run free on our roof terrace: Vooruit (Ghent), Stuk (Leuven), Eden (Charleroi), De Kreun (Kortrijk), Incubate (Tilburg, NL), Mad About Music (Brussels) and Alpage (Lille, FR).  We’re very eager to see how they’ll put a spin on our intimate city festival, five stories high

Fr 5.06 - Mad About Music / Brussels: 
19:00 Apéroconcert Empti Taxi (BE) - ready-to-travel electrons
22:00 Princess Chelsea (NZ) - magic pop
00:00 DJ The Wild
Sa 6.06 - Eden / Charleroi
22:00 Haring (BE) - melotronica
23:00 Holy Strays (FR) - dusky beats
00:00 DJ Rick Shiver

Fr 12.06 - Alpage Records / Lille
20:00 Prieur De La Marne (FR) - pop treasure mastermind
22:00 Ext’Int (BE) - elegant freshness
23:00 Black Bones (FR) - kaleidoscope rock
00:00 DJ Alpage Acid Crew

Sa 13.06 - Vooruit / Ghent
22:00 Zun Zun Egui (UK) - overdrive groove
00:00 DJ SebCat
Fr 19.06 - Stuk / Leuven
19:00 Numen (BE) - Live hoptronic 
22:00 Berlin Current (DE) - the new sound of Berlin
feat. Soda Plains, Amnesia Scanner, Kablam & M.E.S.H.

Sa 20.06 - Incubate / Tilburg
17:00 Angstgegner (NL) - punk
17:50 Nervous Mothers (BE) - powerviolence
18:40 Sex Drive (NL) - hardcore punk
19:30 Mind Rays (BE) - psych primitive punk
20:20 GALG (NL) - doom noise
21:10 Cocaine Piss (BE) - punk curst de La Meuse
22:00 Ggu:ll (NL) - hypnotic drooning Doom
23:10 Daggers  (BE) - ruthless and vicious
00:00 DJ In Dogs We Trust 

Fr 26.06 - De Kreun /  Kortrijk
19:00 ISAAC (BE) - noise means never
22:00 Beak (UK) - nu kraut trio

Sa 27.06 - 50 = Over & Out
Zilveren Zaal: Rooftop terrace open from 17:00 - FREE

22:00 Blondie Brownie (BE)
24:00 Brutus (BE)
02:00 BRNS (BE)
Gouden Zaal:  22:00 |  All Nighter with LEFTO & special guest Jordan Rakei
Lefto presents an allnighter with Jordan Rakei as special guest. Lefto and Rakei bring the music, we bring the confetti and you are most welcome to join us. No Lefto = No party at Beursschouwburg. €12 - 15 

Zo 28.06 - 50 = Over & Out 
In the Auguste Orts street: concerts, vinylmarkt, bar.... Programme t.b.c. 


Mo - Fr, 12:00 - 14:00: picnic on the rooftop terrace. Don't forget: BYO food & drinks! 

We - Sa, from 17:00 apéro on the terrace, with live music on Friday.



Sa 6.06, from 14:00: Garage Sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure. nd.

We 10.06 - Sa 10.06: Wij zijn handelaars. Shop/work. Trainees turn in to traders and install a Shop/Work in collaboration with Beursschouwburg and the neighbourhood.

Do 11.06 - 20:30: FuckUp Night. A monthly event where entrepreneurs talk about their biggest professional or business failure.

Vr 12.06 - 17:30: StadsSalonsUrbains. A meeting point for urbanities - lecture. 

Vr 19.06 - 9:00 Creative Mornings. A monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.


Thanks to: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Stad Brussel, VGC, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Humo,De Nationale Loterij, Sabam, Marriott, Agenda, Brussel Deze Week, TV Brussel, FM Brussel, Klara, Cobra, Maes, Sabam for Culture and Vidi Square. 


Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet

Haring - Us (Official Video)

Chasm ~ Holy Strays [official video] w/ Ndoho Ange

Zun Zun Egui - Ruby (live video version)

Wild Style - Trailer

Fela Kuti - Outtakes from Music Is The Weapon Documentary

The Decline of Western Civilization Part I

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years

Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Brand New Day

Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense Trailer

Rock & Rule - Trailer

XANADU - Trailer

Out Loud © FKPH
Out Loud © Morgane Delfosse
Sa 27.06: All Nighter with LEFTO & special guest Jordan Rakei
Out Loud © Morgane Deflosse
Out Loud! Film: We 3.06, 22:30 - WILD STYLE, Charlie Ahearn
Out Loud! Film: 4.06 - 22:30: FELA KUTI: MUSIC IS THE WEAPON, Stéphane Tchalgadjieff & Jean Jacques Flori
Out Loud! Film: We 17.06, 22:30 - BRAND NEW DAY, Amos Gita
Out Loud! Film: Th 18.06, 22:30 - STOP MAKING SENSE, Jonathan Demme
Out Loud! Film: We 24.06, 22:30 - ROCK & RULE, Clive A. Smith
Th 25.06 - We 22:30 - XANADU, Robert Greenwald
Out Loud! Music: Fr 5.06 Princess Chelsea (NZ)
Out Loud! Music: Sa 6.06: Holy Strays (FR)
Out Loud! Music: Sa 6.06: Haring (BE) © Arthur Sente
Out Loud! Music: 12.06: Back Bones (FR)
Out Loud! Music: 12.06 - Ext’Int (BE)
Out Loud Music!: 13.06: Zun Zun Egui (UK)
Beursschouwburg © Bram Tack
Beursschouwburg © Bram Tack
Out Loud Music 5.06: Empty Taxi (c) David San Juan
Oud Loud 2014 (c) KFPH
Oud Loud 2014 (c) KFPH