Performing Arts in February & March

Performing Arts in February & March

Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes, Adva Zakai, Orion Maxted, Julian Hetzel, Feiko Beckers, Ant Hampton, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert & Berlin

As part of the focus programme 'O Solitude', through April 8 in Beursschouwburg. 

Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes (BE) 
Fr. 10 & Sa 11.02, 20:30 - €14/11 - tickets & info

Bernard Van Eeghem & Stefanie Claes paint in silence, without words or music, but with burning love. With loaded paintbrushes at the ready, two painter-performers capture their audience in the silence of this artistic action. Omertà is practically a political statement in an age when easy social media, unmeasured haste and sweet technology take over from inner depth.


10 & 11.03

Adva Zakai (IL/BE)
Last seen standing between brackets
Fr. 10.03, 20:00 & Sa. 11.03, 19:00 - €9/6 - info & tickets

In this piece performer and choreographer Adva Zakai explores whether or when language can be separated from its writer or thinker. Can a performance exist without a performer? She combines dance, text and animation to give us an answer to these questions. Her words create a choreography of their own and dance on the stage. 


Belgian premiere
Orion Maxted (GB/NL)
Human Simulation
Fr. 10.03, 21:00 & Sa. 11.03, 20:00 - €9/6 - info & tickets

"Human Simulation" unleashes processes related to biology on language to create a world in which different scales are becoming intertwined, and links the autonomous regulation of human cells to the drama of romance, or the operation of food chains to relations within international politics. 


Julian Hetzel / Frascati Productions (DE/NL)
The Automated Sniper
Fr. 17 & Sa. 18.03, 20:30 - €14/11 - info & tickets

In The Automated Sniper, Julian Hetzel investigates the ‘gameification of violence’: live onstage, two performers are shot at by an operator with a remotely operated automatic weapon. Strikingly, that weapon is hanging above the heads of the audience. Its operator sits in a safe place in the Middle East, present by way of a live Internet connection.


Feiko Beckers
A disappointment you can rely on
Sa. 25.03 & Sa. 1.04, 17:00 - free - more info & reservations

During the whole periode of 'O Soltude' the Dutch artist Feiko Beckers takes over our exhibition spaces with the Understanding of Nonsense. In the performance A Disappointment You Can Rely On, alias cooking workshop, the artist argues that a disappointment need not always be an unfortunate event. It can also be a benchmark, a reference 

In collaboration with PERFORMATIK 2017 (Kaaitheater). 


Ant Hampton / The Other People
Someone Else
Fr. 31.03 & Sa. 1.04, 12:00 - 20:00 - 45' / session - 2 people / session -  €5 - info & tickets

Looking back at Beursschouwburg's history, English performance maker Ant Hampton noticed that the arts centre often acts as some sort of ‘art catapult’: more interested in limits and crossing those limits by flinging ideas, questions and agents over its walls and into the city.

In collaboration with PERFORMATIK 2017 (Kaaitheater). 


Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / CAMPO (BE)
Don't we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?
Fr. 31.03 & Sa. 1.04, 21:00* - €14/11 - info & tickets

In Don't We Deserve Grand Human Projects that Give Us Meaning?, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert set out on a quest to make sense of a world without a Great Story. They do this in a way that is all their own: with a strong visual logic, and with a wink of the eye to space travel and science.

In collaboration with PERFORMATIK 2017 (Kaaitheater). 


Berlin (BE)
Fr. 7 & Sa. 8.04, 20:30 - €14/11 - info & tickets

Back in Brussels for those who missed this wonderful piece during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2016. A filmic portrait about two people, living in a ghost town near Chernobyl. A story about solitude and survival, the results of a failed atomic experiment.


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