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Invitation: 50 hours of Beursschouwburg. A non-stop start

Invitation: 50 hours of Beursschouwburg. A non-stop start

5, 6 & 7 February 2015 - 50 hours, 50 activities: party, cake, performance, dance, workshops, concerts, theatre, film, expo, speeches, family-time, drinks & food, camping... Around the clock

Dear Sir/Madam, 

On the 5th of February, the Brussels arts centre Beursschouwburg will celebrate its 50th anniversary. That makes Beursschouwburg one of the oldest Flemish arts centres in Brussels. This 50th anniversary is the ultimate occasion for a 50 hour kick-off party, followed by a 5 month birthday-programme. 

"50 hours of Beursschouwburg. A non-stop start" offers a divers programme, including: food & drinks, performances & shows, concerts, workshops, parties, family-time, camping in Marriott, a commuter-concert, exhibitions, a vinyl-markt...

All the activities during 50 hours of Beursschouwburg are free  and 'first come, first served'. If you, as a journalist, would like to attend one or several specific events, don't hesitate to contact us ( - 02 550 03 62) 

We kick-off on Thursday 5th of February, from 7 pm onwards: 

19:00     Speeches, reception & vernissage
Several dignitaries welcome you. Have a drink and visit our latest exhibition The Future = Beurssc50uwburg that winds through our hallways. 
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20:00     Rocket Launch - Miet Warlop
The Belgian artist and queen of metamorphosis Miet Warlop transforms into a cosmic queen
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21:00     50 Birthday cakes

22:00    OPENING NIGHT - a vaudeville - Mark Tompkins & Mathieu Grenier
If at first OPENING NIGHT might seem to be simply entertainment, a show composed of comical situations and tragicomic song-and-dance numbers (like Elvis Presley’s 'Are You Lonesome Tonight', Beyoncé’s 'Run The World (Girls)',...), a more ambivalent and touching fable about the joyful yet ferocious transmission between an ageing Star and his young protégé slowly emerges. So, welcome for a good, old cabaret!
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23:00     The Oscillation (UK)
melancholic psych rock
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00:00     Disappears (US)
minimal rock
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Other artists in the programme of "50 hours of Beurschouwburg": Superamas, OFFscreen, Dissapears, The Oscillation, Floris Vanhoof, Bernard Van Eeghem, 18+, Feiko Beckers, Jefta van Dinther, Darkbeats, Bas Nylon, Bronks, ... 

The complete and detailed programme is available on our website (click here). 

We sincerely hope you welcome you on Thursday, 5th of February, one of the other days during the opening weekend or during the following months of celebrations. 

Over Beursschouwburg

Beursschouwburg is een multidisciplinair kunstencentrum, gelegen in hartje Brussel. Je kan er terecht voor performance, film, muziek, expo, debat, lezingen, feest en een drankje in beurscaf√©. Beursschouwburg biedt jonge en vernieuwende artiesten een platform. Je vindt er vaak de grote namen van morgen terug. 

Jong talent, kruisbestuivingen en plaats voor experiment staan centraal in de uiteenlopende programmeringen van zowel podiumkunsten, als film, muziek en beeldende kunst. Beursschouwburg kiest niet voor een eenduidige, maar voor een polymorfe identiteit, die naadloos aansluit bij generatie 2.0.

A. Ortsstraat 20-28
1000 Brussel