Beursschouwburg & restaurant AUB-SVP: 'Picnic. Sharing public space' - 8 June till the end of September

Beursschouwburg & restaurant AUB-SVP: 'Picnic. Sharing public space' - 8 June till the end of September

Beursschouwburg loves a good picnic! During the month of June and the annual festival Out Loud!*, our – even if we say so ourselves – wonderful roof terrace on the fifth floor will become part of the public space. Everyone is welcome to have their picnics here and bask in the sun.  

  • With the festival Out Loud! (8 June to 10 July), the Brussels arts centre Beursschouwburg traditionally celebrates the end of a very busy season. For a whole month, we invite the public to come and use the roof terrace and the adjoining bar and silver room. In the evenings, we will screen music films (theme this year: the 90s) and dance to live music, while in the afternoons, we open the doors for lunch with picnic. 

This year, you can also come to Beursschouwburg unprepared and without a picnic.  For ‘Picnic. Sharing public space’, Beursschouwburg is receiving back-up from the Brussels restaurant AUB-SVP, the culinary brainchild of architects Bart and Joris Lens and chef Mathias Dircx. AUB-SVP conducts continuous research into responsible, sustainable food: seasonal, local and organic products, along with by-catch. 

Between 8 June and the end of September, AUB-SVP supplies organic and delectable picnic bags which you, your friends and colleagues can have at the roof terrace, pedestrianized central boulevards or other picnic spots nearby. 

The season finishes on Sunday 10 July at Beursschouwburg, but from 3 August until the end of September, you will find AUB-SVP back in the big hall of Beursschouwburg. So if you’ve run out of ideas or just feel like exploring the neighbourhood, the card in your knapsack will help you uncover gems and quiet insider tips in the area. Go exploring with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances and claim streets, squares, benches and parks. The public space has never been so tasty!

About Beursschouwburg

Beursschouwburg is an arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels, that embraces a hybrid and multidisciplinary identity. It’s the perfect place for performance, film, music, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink at beurscafé. 

Beursschouwburg provides a platform for young and innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the big names of tomorrow. Young talent, cross-fertilization and an opportunity to experiment are pivotal in the diverse programme which seamlessly coalesces with the generation 2.0.

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