Beurssc50uwburg - Under construction since 1965

Beurssc50uwburg - Under construction since 1965

5 February through 27 July 2015

Thursday, December 18, 2014 — With e.g.: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Walter Swennen, David Helbich, Jan Fabre, AMVK, Ant Hampton, Salon Magnétique, Humo’s Rally, Jefta Van Dinther, Argos, Ariel Pink, en vele, vele anderen.

On 5th February 2015 will celebrate its 50th birthday. An memorable day in the arts centre's history. We will blow out the birtday candles with music, theatre and dance, exhibitions, friends old and new, film and video, a book and cake. It won't be a regular trip down memory lane, the programme includes a selection of what Beursschouwburg was during the 50-year history and what, in our opinion, it might become in its next millenium: a platform within the arts, embracing the hybrid. 

With: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Walter Swennen, David Helbich, Jan Fabre, AMVK, Ant Hampton, Salon Magnétique, Humo’s Rally, Jefta Van Dinther, Argos, Ariel Pink, and many many more.


Beurssc50uwburg - programme:


1. 5, 6 & 7 februari: 50 hours of Beursschouwburg. A non stop start. 

50 hours (every hour, one new activity): with e.g. performances by Jefta Van Dinther, Miet Warlop, Bernard Eeghem, Superamas, Amicale de Production,... concerten van The Oscillation, Dissapears, Oubys, 18+,... vernissages, serveral workshops (sleeping, hula hoop, pilates,...), a collective sleep-over at Marriott, food and drinks (cake, cava, Beursschouwbistro,..), family-time and a whole lot of parties! 

Check out the complete 50h programme.


2. Performing arts

19, 20 February: Dianne Weller & Julie Pfleiderer - For Your Ears Only premiere

27, 28 February & 1 March: Rosas - Fase, four movements to the music of Steve Reich 

22 March: Jan Fabre/Troubleyn - Het is theater zoals te voorzien en te verwachten was + brunch

27, 28 March: Bara Sigfusdottir - The Lover premiere 

17, 18 April: Bernard Van Eeghem - If premiere 

24, 25 April: Sanja Mitrovic - Do You Still Love Me première 

+ ongoing from February 6

David Helbich - Brussels Tracks premiere

Ant Hampton/ The Other People - Someone Else premiere


3. Exhibition: The future = Beurssc50uwburg 

5 February through 30 May 2015 - free 

The exhibition The future = Beurssc50uwburg brings together familiar faces from our fifty-year past with (young) artists working with the building or its history.

Including works by: AMVK, Wim Wauman, Els Opsomer, Karen Vermeren,Floris Vanhoof, Lieven Segers, Walter Swennen, Paul Gees, Els Opsomer en Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens i.s.m. Jan Decorte en Sigrid Vinks, Rinus Vandevelde, David Helbich, Lawrence Weiner, Ann-Veronica Janssen, Dora Garcia en Christophe Fink. 

more information


4. film & video

24, 25 February: Davis Freeman - Karaoke (ART) 

5 March: Ruben Desiere - Kosmos & Hannes Verhoustraete - 28 Rue Brichaut 

6 March: Sofa Cinema by Auguste Orts 

13 March: Otarkino film dinner 

26 March: An evening with Auguste Orts #10 

10 April: Isabelle Tollenaere - Battles premiere 

22 April: An van. Dienderen & Elias Heunick - Exploring space, time and the image 

30 April: Zéro de Conduite #3 


5. Concerten - voorlopig programma

18 February: Dels (uk)

20 February: Nisennenmondai (jp)

28 February: Aluk Todolo (fr) + 7 that spells (hr)

15 March: Ariel Pink (us)

28 March: Singapore Sling (is) + Purling Hiss (us)

8 April: Humo's Rock Rally Special 

22 April: Sleaford Mods (uk) 


6. debates & topicality


Salons Magnétique ('food, music & talks'): with e.g.. Johan Verminnnen & Raymond Van het Groenenwoud, Jan Decorte & Sigrid Vink, Chris Dercon. info and dates

Creative Mornings info and dates

FuckUp Nights  info and dates


7. Juni 2015 Out Loud! 

A whole month concerts, apero, film on Beursschouwburg's rooftop terrace! 


© Fisheye
© Fisheye
© AMVK 2014
© Karen Vermeren
© Wim Wauman
© Floris Vanhoof
© Lieven Segers
© Rinus Vande Velde
©  Walter Swennen : Courtesy of Wim van Mulders
Davis Freeman - Karaoke (ART)
Ruben Desiere - Kosmos
Hannes Verhoustraete - 32 rue Brichaut
Sofa Cinema by Auguste Orts
Otarkino - food & film
Isabelle Tollenaere - Battles
An van. Dienderen - Exploring space, time and the image
Diane Weller & Julie Pfleiderer - For Your Ears Only © Bieke Depoortere
Rosas - Fase © Herman Sorgeloos
Bernard Van Eeghem - If © Dolores Bouckaert
Rosas - Fase © Herman Sorgeloos
Bara Sigfusdottir - The Lover © Aëla Labbé
David Helbich - Brussels Tracks
Ant Hampton - Someone Else
Ariel Pink
Purling Hiss
Sleaford Muds
Humo's Rock Rally Special