Bâtard Festival 2015 - the complete programme

Bâtard Festival 2015 - the complete programme

3, 4 & 5 December at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

For a while, the future of the annual Bâtard Festival in the balance, as back in the summer, we heard that the annual project grant was cancelled for this platform that gives emerging artists opportunities and bags of energy. Despite this, the edition of 2015 will take place, iextended ánd shrinking at the same time! 


Extended?  Besides a Brussels edition Beursschouwburg, on December 3, 4 & 5, an Amsterdam equivalent is being staged the week after, 9 through 12 December, with the Veem House for Performance being the place to be.

One festival, one space, one audience. The theatre hall (the 'Gouden Zaal' of Beursschouwburg) serves as a microcosm, a multipurpose room as a political metaphor. The festival turns back on itself, goes underground and gives birth to a whole gang of bastards. Bâtard Festival will be a truly artistic guerrilla. Reculer pour mieux sauter! 

Also, this year a suppost pass of €15 (instead of €10 for a normal ticket) will be offered for sale. This extra cash will help Bâtard Festival to cover at least some of the extra production costs. This year's - donwsized - edition of Bâtard Festival could only be realised with the financial support of Beursschouwburg, Flemish Community Commission (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie - VGC), Flemish-Dutch House deBuren and The Performing Arts Fund (NL). 

Full programme, day to day: 

Enter with us this shared, occupied and brooding space and let us bridge distances during three varied Bâtard evenings. Happen upon the work and thoughts of both old friends and new faces, including:

Thursday the 3rd of December
18u-20u - programme by Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
Edurne RubioThe Visitor
Roel HeremansDuet A
Stijn DemeulenaereNothing’s going to happen to us ...
Bryana Fritz & Christoffer SchiecheSixteen candles
Hana MileticYour façades are peeling off like red onions
Ola MaciejewskaTEKTON

Friday the 4th of December  
18u-20u - programme by Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche: The Breakfast Club
Roel Heremans: Duet A
Stijn Demeulenaere: Nothing’s going to happen to us ...
Jaha Koo: Lolling and Rolling
Metahaven: Black Transparency
Tilman Aumüller / Jacob Bussmann / Bettina Földesi / Christopher Krause / Arne Salasse / Ruth Schmidt (ScriptedReality): The Piece Concerning the Question of Purposefulness

Saturday the 5th of December
18u-20u - programme by Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats
Oneka von Schrader: A fish in a wolf-workshop
Roel Heremans: Duet A
Stijn Demeulenaere: Nothing’s going to happen to us ...
Dounia Mahammed: Salut Copain
Metahaven: City Rising
Dittrich Frydetzki / Dreit / Flegel / Froelicher / Grief / Melzer / Worpenberg: Schichten

With the support of: Beursschouwburg, deBuren, VGC, Performing Arts Fund in Amsterdam. 

About Beursschouwburg

Beursschouwburg is an arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels, that embraces a hybrid and multidisciplinary identity. It’s the perfect place for performance, film, music, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink at beurscafé. 

Beursschouwburg provides a platform for young and innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the big names of tomorrow. Young talent, cross-fertilization and an opportunity to experiment are pivotal in the diverse programme which seamlessly coalesces with the generation 2.0.

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