(Audio)visual Arts in April

(Audio)visual Arts in April

Nina de Vroome, Rachel Reupke, Black Box Screenings, Nel Aerts (colouring mural) + Expo: Hans Demeulenaere & Emi Kodama (last weeks)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 — Image: Nina de Vroome - A Sea Change / Een idee van de zee, avant première 14/04. 

For more information, guest tickets, etc... please contact Yasmina Boudia (yasmina@beursschouwburg.be I 02 550 03 62). 


Thursday 14 April 20:30 - Nina de Vroome (BE) - A Sea Change / Een idee van de zee - avant-premiere I €8/5 read more 

A Sea Change takes its audience to the IBIS maritime boarding school in Oostende. In the buildings that looks out towards the sea, boys from six to sixteen sleep, eat and play. They learn how to read the sea, sail with a fishing boat and help haul in the catch. While the fishermen are at work, they observe the by-catch and stare across the deck. In the classrooms, the impetuous sea is captured in maps. On sea maps, there are no storms and there is no time.


Friday 22 April 20:30 - Letter of Complaint & other works by Rachel Reupke (GB) I €8/5 read more 

This screening proposes a survey of British artist Rachel Reupke’s moving image works, including the Belgian premiere of Letter of Complaint, which draws on a combination of banal and desperate letters of complaint, in order to communicate something that could perhaps even be called celebratory. Letter of Complaint expands on Reupke’s ongoing interest in the expressive properties of stock images and the ways in which – when coupled with stillness and awkwardness – they respond and transform.


Black Box Looped Screenings (video art) - We - Sa: noon - 22:00 - free 

  • 13 April - 23 April: Louis Henderson (GB) - Black Code/Code Noir read more 
    The British filmmaker Louis Henderson seeks connections between colonialism, post-colonialism, new media, archaeology and the writing of history (including through the Internet). His films take place in a frontier territory between documentary and fiction, with Henderson's extensive research taking a prominent role.
    Black Code/Code Noir is a collage of fragments, separate from one another in terms of time and space, but which all cast a critical eye on two 2014 murders by police in the American state of Missouri, where Michael Brown and Kajieme Powell lost their lives. Henderson juxtaposes news fragments with smartphone videos dispersed across the Internet as a form of protest and remembrance.

  • 27 April - 30 April: Sebastian Brameshuber (AT) - In, Over & Out read more 
    Scenographer and filmmaker Sebastian Brameshuber (AT) has a sharp eye for human relations and socio-political issues. In, Over & Out consists of a number of meticulously placed shots, recorded by 12 cameras from different technological periods (from 16:9 and 4:3 through to digital format). 
    For his backdrop, Brameshuber selected Le Fresnoy, the renowned French art school – and production house – with the students in attendance as his protagonists. The video offers a commentary on immaterial labour in today's world. 

+ EXTRA! Pizza + Film: On Wednesdays 13/04 & 27/04 we organise a collective viewing moment. We introduce the film and provide food. Feet under the table, eyes on the screen. Totally free! 


30 April, from 14:00 - Colour fun with Nel Aerts + Ketjesdisco ft. Geoffroy Mugwump & Prince Off (Leftorium) read more

We invite children of all ages to knock themselves out with crayons, makers, paint,… and colour the mural by Nel Aerts in Beurkafee. From 4 pm kids and parents alike are welcome to shake it at the Ketjesdisco ft. DJ’s Geoffroy Mugwump & Prince Off (Leftorium).  


EXPO: Through 30 April: Hans Demeulenaere & Emi Kodama - You make a better door than you do a window - We - Sa, noon - 18:00 (Sa > 19:00) - free read more

Hans Demeulenaere and Emi Kodama welcome us to their interpretation of ‘a home’, a place where memory and imagination are given ample time and space.

  • Activation: every Saturday between 15:00 en 19:00 the expo will be activated by different live performers.
  • Performance by Emi Kodama. You will walk with Emi through the space and she will tell you about her home – past, present, and future – and ask you about yours. Her stories are a pair of glasses that can be worn to give you another view of the exhibition. read more 


14/04 - Nina de Vroome - A Sea Change / Een idee van de zee (avant-premiere)

14/04 - Nina de Vroome - A Sea Change / Een idee van de zee (avant-premiere)
22/04 - Rachel Reupke - Letter of Complaint & other works
13-23.04 - Louis Henderson (GB) - Black Code/Code Noir
Mural Nel Aerts @ Beurskafee - colouring on 30/04  (foto: Bram Tack)
27-30/04: Sebastian Brameshuber (AT) - In, Over & Out
EXPO < 30/04: Hans Demeulenaere & Emi Kodama - You make a better door than you do a window