16, 17 & 18 September - Opening Weekend 'Come Together'

16, 17 & 18 September - Opening Weekend 'Come Together'

With: Kassys, Hana Miletić, Hydrogen Sea, Westrand Dilbeek, Myriam Van Imschoot, Nature Heaten, Ula Sickle, Brecht Hermans, LeFtO, Pieter Geenen and many, many more.

performance - film & video - expo - debate - concerts - party

To kick off our autumn 'Come Together'*, the Beursschouwburg steps across the mini-border to check out our physically close but sometimes mentally distant friends at the Westrand Cultural Centre in Dilbeek.

On Friday, we will warm up with a celebration at home in the Beursschouwburg, in the heart of Brussels. On Saturday we journey by various means (with music, on foot or by bus,...) to Dilbeek. On Sunday, everyone – from the country or the city – is welcome back at our door, to celebrate the Car Free Sunday and a delightful collaboration.

Check out the full programme of the Come Together Opening Weekend

* For a full three months, Beursschouwburg is all about coming together, being together and working together! Come Together focusses om sharing the experience of art, the power of the masses, group dynamics and bringing people together. 


- Opening: Materials - Hana Miletić (BE) - expo 
- Opening: Mural Beurskafee by Atelier Pica Pica (BE)
- Premiere: Mirador - Pieter Geenen (BE) - video

19:00 - Elvis Bonier, Evelin Brosi et Boris Van den Eynden - zesendertig letters op de linkerbovenarm (thirty four letters on the upper left arm) - performance more info 

20:00 - Katharina Zimmerhackl - Collective Reading, Affective Reading workshop - more info 

20:30 - Debate: 'Over de relatie tussen Brussel en de Vlaamse rand' (On the relationship between Brussels and the Flemish surrounding communities' - in Dutch).
With e.g. Béatrice Delvaux, Eric Corijn, Filip De Maesschalck. Collab. Dave Sinardet. 
Free, booking is advised via this link.  

22:00 - Concert: Hydrogen Sea (BE) 
tickets: vvk €6 / kassa €9



17:00 - iPlay - Brecht Hermans (BE), musical walk from Beursschouwburg to Westrand
! departure @ Beursschouwburg ! - free, but booking is advised via this link (limited capicity) - more info

+ from 18:45: free shuttle service between Beursschouwburg and Westrand and back (each 30', last departure from Beursschouwburg: 01:30 - last departure from Westrand: 03:30). 

Ongoing from 19:00 - Programme at Westrand, with installations and videos by: Clara Thomine (FR), Ula Sickle (CA/PL)Ief Spincemaille (BE) - more info 

19:45 - Tonebanks and Masking Tape - Christian Hansen (DK) concert / performance - more info

20:00 - Thuis (Home) -  Evelin Brosi, Devos, Soete (BE) + zesendertig letters op de linkerbovenarm (Thirty four letters on the upper left arm) - Elvis Bonier, Evelin Brosi & Boris Van den Eynden (BE) performance - more info 

20:30 - Total Eclipse of the Heart - Kassys (NL) theater (EN spoken) - more info

21:40 - HELFEL - Myriam Van Imschoot (BE) concert / performance - more info

22:20 - Instant Temples - Mathilde Thomas (BE) performance - more info

22:50 - Beton (BE) - concert - more info

23:20 - Nature Heaten (BE) - concert - more info

From 00:15: Party met LeFtO & Supafly Collective 



10:00 - 12:00: free breakfast
10:00 - 11:00: aerobics
10:00 - 13:00: bycicle tour D’Broej on Tour - reservation recommended!
14:00 + 16:00: Guided tours in Beursschouwburg (in Dutch) - reservation recommended
16:30 - 18:00: concert Fleddy Melculy

+ Ongoing: 

For kids: crazy bike tour & skate workshop

Tickets Come Together at -50%! 

Picnic by AUB-SVP

bar + terras / photomatique / Repair Atelier Cyclo vzw / bicycle parking / Expo Hana Miletić "Materials" / Video screening by Pieter Geenen "Mirador" (loop) / Workshop 3D Printing: Bicycle Accesories, by Velo M2 / Pimp Your Bike workshop /...

About Beursschouwburg

Beursschouwburg is an arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels, that embraces a hybrid and multidisciplinary identity. It’s the perfect place for performance, film, music, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink at beurscafé. 

Beursschouwburg provides a platform for young and innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the big names of tomorrow. Young talent, cross-fertilization and an opportunity to experiment are pivotal in the diverse programme which seamlessly coalesces with the generation 2.0.

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